Brief history

Roots in Elis, eyes on Europe

OLYMPIC TRAINING & CONSULTING  was founded in 1995 with headquarters in Pyrgos, Elis  to provide services of vocational training, lifelong learning  and related activities (studies, development of educational material, participation in integrated programs and EU-initiatives, actions to promote and support employment).

There was a presence in Patras from the very beginning; in the year 2000 it expanded to Zakynthos, Tripoli and Lamia. The company was active throughout Greece, implementing projects from Lipsi to Corfu and from Drama to Crete. In 2011 it closed its educational center in Lamia and 3 years later opened a new one in Athens.

Soon the orientation had become European - by participating in EU-projects and transnational collaborations, Olympic Training develops, transmits and promotes innovative ideas, good practices and know-how in the field of adult education. On a highlight the TIME-project coordinated by Olympic Training was proposed for a VET Excellence Award in 2019.

In 2016 the company entered the wider area of ​​the rural economy providing services to farmers within and around the IACS (Integrated Subsidy Management System). Olympic Training is a certified Application Submission Center (KYD) and prepares applications for Young Farmers programs, Improvement Plans etc. within the RDP (the Greek Rural Development Program within the CAP).

In 2018, in the midst of many years of crisis in the field of vocational training, the company left Patras, Zakynthos, Tripoli and Athens after decades of presence, maintaining its training center at its headquarters. Getting reorganized and reorientated Olympic Training opened an office in Varda in 2016 and developed a network of local partners in Zacharo, Amaliada and Andravida. The company maintains its ability to undertake projects throughout Greece, either in its structures or through collaborating bodies.

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